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My blog has moved


I have moved all of the content from my MicroStrategy Tips and Tricks blog over to my Data Visualization Blog.

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Interview Question #12: Command Manager v9.3.1 and Intelligent Cubes


In Command Manager 9.3.1, you can use scripts to manage Intelligent Cube Caches.










MicroStrategy Course Where You Will Learn About This Topic

MicroStrategy Administration Course

MicroStrategy Leads in Forrester Wave Agile BI Report, Q2, 2014

Forrester Wave Agile BI Q2 2014

MicroStrategy Analytics Platform received top scores for the features technology professionals need to enable business user business intelligence (BI) self-service, as well as for the effectiveness of its advanced data visualization (ADV) functionality in the recently published Forrester Wave: Agile Business Intelligence Report for Q2, 2014.

According to the report, “Forrester also scored MicroStrategy highly for the business user capabilities to provision applications and data and perform data integration tasks within the BI tool. MicroStrategy received high client feedback scores for its agile, business user self-service and ADV functionality. Clients also gave MicroStrategy a top score for its product vision.”

The report also stated that “in addition to its Agile BI offerings, MicroStrategy’s traditional strengths are its organically grown architecture and a powerful ROLAP engine, which in the long-term can often reduce total cost of ownership by reducing the number of reports and dashboards that need to be produced. With its integrated desktop and cloud-based SaaS offerings, MicroStrategy buyers can start small and scale quickly.”

To get a free download of the complete report, visit MicroStrategy’s Web site at

Some Interesting MicroStrategy World 2014 Swag

A trip to MicroStrategy World 2014 would not be complete without a trip to the Vendor’s Room. You walk in empty-handed but walk out with your arms completely filled with all kind of tchotchkes. Footballs, foam balls, flash drives, yo-yos, pens, flashlights, travel cups, mugs, tee shirts, candy, cookies, etc.

This year was no exception.  Unfortunately, I arrived today and only had a short time to peruse the Vendor’s Room before it closed at 2:30pm. However, I did pick up a few interesting items that I wanted to show you.

MicroStrategy Cloud Cookies (Vendor: MicroStrategy, Inc.)

O.K., How cool is this! Not only do I get to hear a representative from MicroStrategy tell me about all of the new features and functionality of MicroStrategy Cloud, but he provides food too.IMG_1639

The Mobile Wave in Paperback (Vendor: MicroStrategy, Inc.)

I was given a hardcover copy of Mike’s book when it first came out by our Account Representative. However, a nice bit of swag for those who have not read it yet.

I recommend you talk to your Account Executive and get a free copy. A must read for any MicroStrategy user who wants to better understand how Michael Saylor thinks.


Guide Books (Vendor: Lancet)

I grabbed copies of these over the past few years and given them to co-workers and clients. Lancet is very good at taking the “difficult to explain” and boiling it down to an easy read. If you missed picking these up, I recommend you go to Lancet’s web site and request a copy.


Cloudera Tee Shirt (Vendor: Cloudera)

I love this phrase! “Data is the New Bacon.” If you are crazy about bacon and lots of data, this is the shirt for you.