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MichaelWelcome to my MicroStrategy Tips & Tricks blog. I have been kicking around the idea of creating a MicroStrategy-specific blog for a few years now. With Bryan Brandow not being as prolific these days with his excellent MicroStrategy blog, http://www.bryanbrandow.com, I thought I would make an attempt to try to fill that void (personally, I think Bryan is not replaceable).

I will try to focus mostly on providing interesting and useful tips and tricks related to the entire MicroStrategy platform. That is soup to nuts or Intelligence Server to Mobile, so to speak.

Right now, my main work-related areas of interest are in developing self-service interactive, dynamic reports for Web and Mobile (most notably iPad). I currently develop using MicroStrategy in the Cloud with Netezza. I have a strong passion for data visualization and have a sister site you can visit at http://www.datavizblog.com.

My company is called Data Archaeology, but I am not currently actively seeing business or employment. I am working a fairly long-term contract in retail and hope I will be able to continue to do so as time progresses.

I have decided not to allow sponsorship of my site so I can be objective about MicroStrategy as well as all the third-party vendors who provide goods and services related to MicroStrategy. You will not see me beating up on the MicroStrategy platform or any of its executive leadership (well, maybe some scolding). I have met Michael Saylor, Founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, many times over the years and I agree with him sometimes and sometimes I don’t. But it is his company and vision and I need to respect that. Michael is very focused on Mobile and Security right now, but I will gently remind him here that a lot of us are still doing enterprise reporting with MicroStrategy and to not take his eye off that ball too.

I have met Paul Zolfaghari,  President of MicroStrategy, several times and think he is perfect for that position. Paul is affable, accessible, and truly wants his customers to be happy.

I am a Principal MicroStrategy Consultant with Data Archaeology (consider this blog and my data visualization blog my Web Data Archaeology, Inc.site). My mantra that I  preach to everyone (or anyone who will listen) is to get our business partners or clients excited about their data. Now the way to do that could come in many different forms: understanding what the business wants and not assuming IT knows better, great data visualization, self-service BI, data anywhere (e.g., multiple devices), properly organized data that is easy to access, asking questions, making mistakes and provide actionable insights.

If you want to contact me directly, please drop me an e-mail at michael@dataarchaeology.net. I can also be found on Twitter at @mstrtipstricks.

Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you often.

Best regards,


3 responses

  1. Hi Michael,

    I need some assistance and wonder if you could help. I am building a report which I want to use as a Dataset in Documents. The report is being built from an Intelligent Cube. I need to create about 70 metrics based on IF statements from attributes. I am working from the web interface and just cannot get anything to work. Here is a typical example of the Excel formula… IF(OR(FullWeek=”BKD”,FullWeek=”PROV”),1,0)…The attribute from the Intelligent Cube is Fullweek. I have tried many combinations of IF and Case statements and even tried Applysimple…I am not getting anywhere. I would appreciate your guidance.


    Paul McCormick

  2. Hi Paul, You cannot create apply simple metrics on the fly. Please try to create those IF statements in the cube itself not the report. Most of the times suntax depends on attribute or a metric that you represent in the IF statement.

  3. I will post IF related metrics that we use and hope it will give you an idea.

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